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Welcome to De butléir's gallery

Artworks of intrigue and splendor

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 DeButleirs Gallery

Jason is a cork artist from the beautiful City of Cork in Ireland a Crawford College of Art and Design graduate with a BA in Fine Art. Jason’s artworks are from close observation and understanding of colour light, form and also in depth focus on the imagination. These paintings take you to the past, present and future giving atmospheric gestures to be in a place in ones mind or a place of idyllic serenity. These are a vision of joy, positivity, rapture and tranquillity. He is extracting methods from the artists of the past in order to stand tall in today’s world of art.

He also exhibits frequently in various venues around cork.





What happens, when you see something beautiful? What do you feel? What do you think? Do your feelings change? How do these feelings manifest  themselves both internally and externally? Do you allow them a platform to be explored? Quite often, life can be very difficult and as a result we tend to

overlook things and miscategorise them as mundane. Art washes away the mundane. It shows us it doesn’t really exist. The mundane is something we create. So perhaps you’ve had a bad day. And maybe you are here alone. It doesn’t matter. All around there are roses…ballet dancers…an array of

shapes and figures…a bowl of fruit…two faces instead of one…a tribal man and canoe…three brass playing mutes…grey black and silver…a portrait of someone you might know…a nude doused in wine…a whale beneath the sea and sun…a dog in a wicker basket…a child…a dragon…a clown…a mime…a pyramid…a circle of town doves…interlocking colours…some musical notes…a woman practicing yoga…lines and squares…a city. All of these things can be ordinary or extraordinary depending on how you view them. Try to take some time to stop and look and pause, maybe get lost in the images for a while, think and not think and feel and reflect and see - (how/the) Artworks by De Butléir.

By writer Pádraig O’ Connor.

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